Neurosurgeons treat the full spectrum of brain and spinal conditions.

Neurosurgeons are able to identify and treat painful conditions of the spine no matter what the source.

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How is the numbness in my hand related to my neck?

What about the pain in my arm? Get answers to these questions and more in out patient education center.

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Treatment Philosophy

Nobody wants to have surgery. Fortunately, in our practice, surgery is always the last resort. It is worthwhile to review the many options that exist before considering surgery.

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Where is my back and leg pain coming from?

What about the numbness in my toes? Get answers to these questions and more in our patient education center.

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What makes us different?

A Neurosurgeon is best qualified to diagnose and treat any painful condition relating to the brain and spine. All of the doctors at Charleston Brain & Spine are Board Certified in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery.

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